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A Better Internet!

How would you like to cut any and all High Speed Wireless Internet costs out of your Home Owners Association's yearly budget? Only the homeowners who want high speed Internet should pay for it! Let DAJ Companies install our fast, reliable, dedicated high speed Internet service for each condo owner who wants it! Let us increase security, reliability and satisfaction!

DAJ Companies will install our equipment and service at NO COST to the Home Owners Association! We market directly to homeowners. At $14.95 per month (no taxes & no fees), we are extremely affordable!

For Home Owners Associations

This brochure will answer many of the questions Home Owners Associations have about our service.


For Homeowners

This brochure gives homeowners the details they need to get quality and reliable high speed Internet.


Consistently fast all day, every day with a private, direct connection to a network designed for consistent speed. Plus choose what speed you need, all at an affordable price.